Ways to care for your new shoes

Buying a suave new pair of shoes can be like growing an inch taller, they make you feel fresh, new and improve that swagger. Have you thought about how you are going to take care of these new shoes? We’ll we have good news, when purchasing quality mens shoes, it requires only a little effort on your part to keep that new shoe feeling.

All shoes are cared for differently depending on the fabric they are made from. Below are a few tips on how to care for your new shoes so they stay looking and feeling new longer.

General care

If you don’t already own a shoe care kit it’s a good idea to invest in one, this will generally contain a shoe brush, wax or polish, and a shoe cloth amongst other specialist items. It is much like a tool kit, but for your shoes.
Depending how often you wear shoes you should service them weekly or fortnightly, this will keep them in perfect order.

Keep them fresh

Air out your shoes when you are not wearing them, and wear cotton or bamboo socks to prevent sweat.

Loathers can be worn without socks, so a shoe deodoriser can help with any unwanted odours.

Store your shoes in a soft cloth bag or box protecting them from dust and moisture. Then when needed, dust shoes off with a soft brush or clothe. Avoid using a used sponge as it may contain bits of oil or chemicals that can damage your shoe.

If your shoes get wet, and let’s face it if you live in Melbourne then that’s likely to happen anywhere and at anytime, dry your shoes by placing newspaper inside, try not to heat them as it can change the colour and texture of the shoes material, which will take away that fitted feeling.


Men, when it comes to looking after a good pair of leather evening shoes, waxes and creams are heavier, that means they’ll sink in better. They will protect and repair the shoe keeping them looking sharp and clean, especially wearing them out in bad weather.

A leather protector spray or good quality wax polish is recommended as liquid polish can sometimes damage good quality leather.

For all you men that enjoy the beach, if your shoes are leather and salt stained, try using one part white vinegar, two parts water and with a new clean cloth apply the affected area.

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Suede shoes are a totally different ball game, it’s best to avoid wearing suede on rainy days.

Using a protective suede spray on suede shoes can prevent water and stain damage. Spray these shoes and leave them overnight to absorb before wearing them. You can also use a suede eraser or brush to maintain the textured look of the suede.

The trick for suede stains is to use steam, try boiling the kettle and with the steam rising use a brush to wipe down the stain, then use an absorbent cloth to wipe any away moisture.

For grease stains on suede try talcum powder. Gently dab a small bit onto the stain and then brush it off after a few hours.

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When you invest in quality shoes you want to look after them to get the most mileage.
By swapping between alternate shoes allowing them to breathe, storing your shoes safely and using a protective shoe spray or shoe wax, your shoes should remain in better condition as they age.

Please note, if you’re not confident with your shoe care capabilities, taking your shoes to a qualified cobbler is always a great option to keep them looking great, and/or adding new tread and stitching.

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