What type of shoes men should own

Are you a shoe lover or because they are all the way down there, I just don’t care kind of man? If you’re the shoe lover then ‘Amen’ to that. If you’re the latter, then hopefully this article can help explain why Jerry Seinfeld’s sneakers and slacks need to stay in the 90’s.

You are judged by your shoes

ferracini mens shoesLet’s start with the sex appeal, women and men notice shoes.
We live in a swipe left or right society based on appearance, roll your eyes but it’s true. Your smile, swagger and shoes are all getting noticed.

Most women love shoes and spend so much money and time hunting down the right pair.
They understand shoes are statement pieces that can bring together a look whether is it casual, fun or for moves on the dance floor.

When it comes to men’s shoes, quality and style go a long way and pull those eyes in too.(and drop jaws too alternative)

Why would you risk it, shoes are part of your aesthetic, they say something about you your personality and unique style. Just picture a Navy-blue suit with brown shoes or cargo pants with a pair of men’s loafers, how would you see those looks? You get my drift.

Invest in yourself by buying better quality shoes that will support your feet while looking sharp.

Fashion trends v’s style

Trends come and go but style is effortless, simple and timeless.
Style is about being comfortable with what you are wearing and owning it.
A good pair of shoes will complete any outfit and can be the defining point of a look.

Style should ooze without you having to speak, the famous words of Iman “in a world full of trends I want to remain a classic.” This should be your guide when shopping for men’s shoes.

A good pair of men’s shoes should last for many years and get better with age- proving you get what you pay for!

The defining difference is in the detail and materials used.

Traditionally great men’s shoes are made from quality material generally leather (but with that real leather quality smell) Italian, Spanish or European designed with craftsmanship built to last and won’t fall apart.

The best thing is that you no longer have to travel all the way to Europe to buy them.
There are plenty of men’s shoes online in Australia and a few specialty men’s shoe stores where you can try them on and gain expert advice like De Burgh’s shoes for men.

Quality over quantity

Ever heard the saying less is more, it is best to have a few quality pairs of men’s shoes that stand out. When selecting the right shoe, here are the basics you need.

Start with a great men’s dress shoe.

Let’s face it not all us can afford Valentino or Prada shoes for men but with so many other men’s dress shoe brands out there the choice should be simple.
A dress shoe should be the pair of shoes you can wear with a suit or a shirt and pants. They should be leather and a staple. Preferably black or brown shoes for men are the most versatile. Either a brogue shoe, Derby or Oxford shoe. These are the shoes you wear to weddings, funerals, and formal events.

Check out our dress shoes for more inspiration.

A casual work shoe goes a long way

The best work shoes for men will depend on the type of work you do. If you have a corporate or office job then you may need to opt for a more formal shoe like a black or brown lace up or leather shoe.
Creative work spaces or less formal work environments can cater for a wider variety of shoes like men’s loafers, monk, moccasins, or even a chelsea boot.
Most important aspect here is comfort, style and versatility (something you can wear throughout the seasons)

Check out our smart casual shoes for more inspiration.

Choosing a weekend comfortable shoe

Go for a suede or textured men’s casual shoe in a tone like brown, grey or blue.
Types of casual style shoes that work well with jeans, chino’s on golf days are great or try Chukka, espadrilles, or sneaker shoe with shorts.

Check out our casual shoes for more inspiration.

Investing in the right shoes will mean you don’t need to keep up with the latest trends. Like a great pair of jeans if you buy right, they’ll forever be a staple in your wardrobe and a comfort on your feet.

Come visit the team at De Burgh’s shoes for men or check out our store online.

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